The enigma that surrounds Owls has made them a much sought after subject in the world of tattoos. These birds with their mix of beauty and mystery have captured the hearts of many and become an emblem of permanence on their skin. From minuscule and straightforward designs to expansive and complex pieces, the possibilities of incorporating owls into a tattoo are limitless. But what do these tattoos truly symbolize and what design elements are commonly used? In this article, we delve into the depths of owl tattoos and what you need to know.

Significance of Owl Tattoos

For ages, owls have represented wisdom and knowledge in multiple cultures. In Greek the owl was considered as the symbol of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, courage, civilization, inspiration, strategy, and was often depicted as her companion. Owls are also known to stand for intelligence and acuity, as they are able to see in the dark and have exceptional vision.

Design Components of Owl Tattoos

When it comes to owl tattoos, there is an array of design elements to choose from. Here are a few that are widely used:

Feathers: Owls have stunning and exclusive feathers, which is why many owl tattoos display intricate feather patterns.

Eyes: Owls are known for their large, circular eyes, and many owl tattoos exaggerate the size of these eyes to create a striking impact.

Wings: These birds are renowned for their large and powerful wings, and many owl tattoos showcase outstretched or encircling wings.

Nature elements: Flowers, leaves, branches, and trees are often used as the backdrop of owl tattoos, giving them a more organic appearance.

Color: The tattoo can be monochromatic, black and white or in colors, accentuating the personal style of the wearer and the tattoo’s significance.

Popular Placement of Owl Tattoos

The placement of an owl tattoo can greatly affect its overall look and meaning. Here are a few popular placement options:

Upper Arm: This is a preferred location for owl tattoos as it offers space for a larger design and the chance to flaunt the tattoo when desired.

Shoulder: A small owl tattoo would look great in this placement, perched on the shoulder blade.

Back: An expansive owl tattoo that wraps around the shoulders and upper back would look amazing in this location.

Ribs: This placement is ideal for a more detailed and intricate owl tattoo as the bird can be placed in a dynamic pose, giving it a sense of movement.

Inner Forearm: This placement is ideal for a simple, small owl tattoo that can be covered easily if needed.

In conclusion, an owl tattoo is a unique and meaningful tattoo option that can be customized to suit personal style.

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